Chicago PCs

Beaureguard StClair


Texan Army Deserter (Played by Eamonn)
Features: Has terrible night terrors, reasonable shot.
Background: Served in Mexico, half his unit was wiped out and he decided to desert. Changed his name to his current alias.
Personality: Gets fairly angry if you mention his size, also has a tendency to gamble, and never win, can't hold onto money to save himself.
Gaming Goals: Make it to Colorado and make a new life for himself.
Advancement: ?

(Beaureguard's character sheet is not attached below)

Brant Davis


Northerner (Illinois) - Cowboy / Bounty hunter (played by Defa)
Features: Very good shot, uses two pistols, Phobia of snakes, seeking to make a name for himself as a bounty-hunter/gunslinger.
Background: Grew up in a large family on a farm south of Chicago. Saw his father gunned down when he was 16 (Bald Pete). Spent more time using pistols than working. A chance meeting led to him collecting the reward for a wanted poster. Found out Bald Pete went to Kansas.
Personality: Heroic but not happy about it, showoff, likes to quick-draw before spinning his colts back into their holsters. Likes his cigars
Gaming Goals: Travel, Kill bald Pete, get a job in law enforcement where he can travel.
Advancement: (A place to record your level-up choices before you get there).

(Brant's character sheet is not attached below)

Curtis "Will" Willow


Northerner (Illinois) Lawyer / gambler (Played by Aido)
Features: Very successful defense lawyer, is addicted to gambling, cheats often, avoids fighting and is afraid of violence, has a sinister power under his control which is threatening to break down his body.



Iriquois Indian (Huron) - Brave (played by Angus)
Features: Agile, Lucky, Good shot, Scarred
Background: Grew up in small village by the lake. Educated in mixed white and Indian school. Has come Chicago as a bodyguard for the learned scientist Mr. Coleman who has a ticket to the 4th Annual Kansas Scientific Symposium. Guwapi is to part ways with Mr. Coleman once they reach Kansas and this is his free ticket to the west, where he hopes to see real Indians.
Personality: Cautious, Likes eagles, Dislikes roosters (as they wake him up)
Gaming Goals: Wants to see 'real' Indians (though he is not sure what he will do when he does).
Advancement: ?.

(Guwapi's character sheet is not attached below)

Tom Harrington


Negro Northerner (Illinois) - Ex-Union Buffalo Soldier (played by Hunter)
Features: Good shot; Fleet of foot; thin-line goatee; Self-centered seeking to make a name for himself.
Background: Grew up in a large family on a farm south of Chicago. Served three years in the Union army garrisoned in south Illinois (and never moved from there). Left the army under 'voluntary resignation' (with encouragement from Lt Davies).
Personality: Stubborn (and a little sulky if he doesn't get his way); Cocky; Self-centered.
Gaming Goals: Test his skills against a known gunfighter.
Advancement: Increase Shooting & Two-fisted Edge..

(Tom's character sheet is not attached below)