Character Concepts (Types & Foci)

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Following is a list of Character Concepts or Archetypes suitable for Deadlands and other Weird West games and some recommend Types and Foci to help you build your character. You are not limited to these choices - they are here to guide you and for GMs making NPCs on the fly.

Combining archetypes/concepts also works, like a gun-slinging weird scientist with modified guns.

New Types

Weird Scientist


When selecting a focus you can simply look through the Concepts or the Foci Groups on the tables below. You could also roll a random concept and focus on either table.

Remember, if you do not wish to take your Tier ability, there are other options to replace them in the CSRB p91-94.

Determining Focus Randomly

If you wish to roll your focus randomly, roll a d100 and consult the table below (or roll a random Concept (further down page):

d100 Where to get your focus Notes
01-30 General Group Remember to adapt these the the weird west feel of this recursion.
31-36 Horror Deadlands especially is known for its horrors inc walking dead and raised Fear levels as well as the Agents and Texas Rangers that hunt them.
37-42 Magic Whilst not all Magic foci are relevant to the setting, several suit the Hucksters and Blessed that are common to this setting.
43-48 Medieval/Ancient Not all, but several of these foci are suitable for native characters, especially Carries a Quiver & Lives in the Wilderness.
49-64 Mystical Martial Arts For Chinese characters.
65-70 Primal For native characters, including lots of options for shamans and medicine men.
71-80 Steam Punk & Weird Science For those that create and use gadgets and contraptions common to this setting.
81-94 Western A few specialised foci for law dogs, outlaws and cowboys.
95-97 Master List. You still need to make sure this focus can be explained in the context of the Weird West.
98-00 Strange Specific For those that have translated at least once, if using as a recursion of The Strange. (If not, treat as Master List above).


Concept/Archetype Types (Flavours) Foci
1. Agent Agent%20-%20black%20suit%2C%20gatlin%20revolver.jpg Explorer (Combat, Stealth) Eliminates Occult Threats; Explores Dark Places; Hunts Nonhumans; Hunts Outcasts; Hunts Zombies; Investigates Strange Events; Is Licensed To Carry; Masters Weaponry; Metes Out Justice; Operates Under Cover; Solves Mysteries
2. Blessed, Priest, Holy Slayer Priest%20w%20cross.jpg Speaker, Warrior (Face, Magic) Bears a Holy Symbol; Channels Divine Blessings; Enforces Divine Will; Hunts Outcasts; Metes Out Justice; Sees Beyond; Shepherds Spirits; Smites the Wicked; Tends the Flock; Works Miracles
3. Bounty Hunter Outlaw%20-%20ftg%2C%20tomahawk%20%26%20pistol.jpg Warrior, Explorer, (Stealth) Collects Bounties; Hunts Nonhumans; Hunts With Great Skill; Masters Weaponry
4. Civilian, Gentile, Business Person Western%20-%20Chinese%20aristocrat.jpg Explorer Counts Coins; Doesn't Do Much; Has More Money than Sense; Helps Their Friends; Knows These Parts; Learns Quickly; Runs Away; Wonders; Works for a Living; Would Rather Be Reading
5. Officer, Leader, Chief, Gang Boss American%20Indian%20-%20chief%2C%20w%20sword.jpg Speaker, (Skills & Knowledge) Commands Armies; Governs; Imparts Wisdom; Interprets the Law; Leads
6. Cowboy Cowboy%20-%20lassoing%20cow.jpg Explorer (Combat) Controls Beasts; Fights Dirty; Looks For Trouble; Rides a Noble Steed; Wears Spurs
7. Criminal, Pirate, Smuggler Chinese%20Pirate%20-%20gun%20and%20sword%2C%20Sim%20Yut%20Sam.jpeg Explorer, (Face, Stealth) Fights Dirty; Infiltrates; Knows Someone; Murders; Operates Vehicles; Steals; Works The Back Alleys
8. Demolitions, Saboteur Dynamite%20guy%20-%20fatjpg.jpg Explorer, (Technology) Battles Robots (Automatons); Blows Stuff Up
9. Doc, Medicine Man Doctor%20-%20Zidkin.jpg Explorer (Skills & Knowledge) Heals; Saves Lives
10. Drifter, Cotton-Seller, Slacker, Deserter, Redneck drifter_by_gavade.jpg Explorer Doesn't Do Much; Indulges in Worldly Pleasures; Knows Someone; Looks For Trouble
11. Enlightened Monk Monk%20-%20drag%20tat%2C%20fire.jpg Warrior (Magic) Focuses Mind Over Matter; Masters Wuxia; Moves Like The Wind
12. Engineer, Mechanic Western%20-%20f%20steampunk%20engineer.jpg Explorer, (Technology) Builds Robots (automatons); Calculates The Incalculable; Crafts Unique Objects
13. Entertainer Musician%20-%20Fiddle%20player%20-%20Lady%20Halle%20A.jpg Speaker Entertains; Has More Money than Sense; Is Idolized By Millions
14. Explorer, Scout, Hunter, Guide Hunter%20-%20f%20rifle%20on%20back.jpg Explorer, (Stealth, Skills & Knowledge)‘ Carries A Quiver; Explores; Explores Dark Places; Follows their Feet; Hunts Dangerous Beasts; Hunts with Great Skill; Knows the Hidden Paths; Knows These Parts; Lives in the Wilderness
15. Grifter, Snakeoil Salesman, Charlatan, Quack, Flirt snake-oil-salesman%20-%20in%20town.jpg Explorer, Speaker (Face, Stealth) Employs Sex Appeal; Learns Quickly; Plays Tricks; Revels in Trickery; Works the Back Alleys;
16. Gunslinger Young%20well%20to%20do.jpg Warrior, Explorer Draws Faster; Is Licensed to Carry; Masters Weaponry; Wields Two Weapons At Once
17. Huckster, Hexslinger Huckster%20-%20PG%20cover.jpg Huckster Calculates The Incalculable; Crafts Illusions; Focuses Mind Over Matter; Plays Too Many Games; (any from Gunslinger above for a Hexslinger)
18. Journalist; Muck-Raker Journalist%20-%20specs%2C%20beard.jpg Speaker, Explorer (Face) Delves Too Deep; Explores Dark Places; Figures Things Out; Investigates Strange Events; Knows Someone; Solves Mysteries; Works The Back Alleys; Would Rather Be Reading
19. Law-dog, Lawyer, Marshal, Sheriff Negro%20Marshal%20-%20rifle%20on%20shoulder.jpg Explorer, Warrior, (Face, Skills & Knowledge, Stealth) Carries a Badge; Defends The Weak; Interprets the Law; Is Licensed To Carry; Metes Out Justice; Serves and Protects; Solves Mysteries
20. Martial Artist Chinese%20MA%20-%20in%20town.jpg Warrior, Explorer (Combat) Masters Defense (replace shield with defensive weapon); Masters Weaponry; Moves Like a Cat; Needs No Weapon; Throws With Accuracy; Wields Two Weapons At Once
21. Miner, Laborer, Smith Prospector%20-%20pick%20%26%20pan%2C%20donkey.jpg Explorer Assists a Mad Genius; Forges Arms & Armor; Never Says Die; Performs Feats of Strength
22. Mountain Man Mountain%20Man%20-%20leaning%20on%20rifle.jpg Explorer, Warrior Controls Beasts; Hunts Dangerous Beasts; Hunts with Great Skill; Lives in the Wilderness
23. Native American%20Indian%20-%20by%20creek%2C%20bow.jpeg Explorer, Warrior Carries A Quiver; Controls Beasts; Hunts With Great Skill; Knows the Hidden Paths; Lives in the Wilderness; Rides a Noble Steed
24. Outlaw GS%20-%20f%20masked.gif Explorer Blows Stuff Up; Fights Dirty; Fights for a Cause; Is Wanted by the Law; Lives on the Edge; Looks For Trouble; Murders; Never Says Die; Rides into the Sunset; Runs Away; Steals; Steals from the Rich
25. Politician, Senator, Diplomat Gentleman%20-%20%20checkered%20suits.gif Speaker Governs; Interprets The Law; Knows Someone; Leads; Negotiates Matters of Life and Death; Speaks with a Silver Tongue; Would Rather Be Reading
26. Ranger (Texas) Gunman%20-%20Big%20Negro.jpg Warrior, Explorer (Combat) Eliminates Occult Threats, Explores Dark Places; Hunts Dangerous Beasts; Hunts Outcasts; Hunts Zombies; Investigates Strange Events; Is Licensed To Carry; Metes Out Justice; Never Says Die; Solves Mysteries
27. Scoundrel, Gambler Gambler%20-%20cigar.jpg Explorer, (Face) Calculates The Incalculable; Doesn’t Do Much; Indulges in Worldly Pleasures; Know Someone; Knows the Streets; Looks For Trouble; Plays Too Many Games; Works The System
28. Shaman, Dream-Walker, Witch Doctor American%20Indian%20-%20b%2Bw%20face%2C%20raven.jpg Speaker (Magic) Awakens Dreams; Binds Spirits; Communes with Nature; Consorts With The Dead (Ravenite); Follows the Old Ways; Imparts Wisdom; Lives In The Wilderness; Makes Prophecy; Sees Beyond; Shepherds Spirits; Speaks For The Land
29. Soldier, Guard Rifle%20on%20hip.jpg Warrior Defends The Weak; Is Licensed to Carry; Masters Weaponry; Stands Like A Bastion
30. Spy Ws%20-%20f%20w%20odd%20gun.jpg Explorer, (Stealth, Skills & Knowledge) Infiltrates; Knows Someone; Knows the Streets; Operates Under Cover
31. Totem Warrior Warrior%20-%20wrist%20blade%20%26%20toma.jpg Warrior (Stealth, Skills & Knowledge) Controls Beasts; Moves Like A Cat; Moves Like The Wind; Never Says Die; Performs Feats of Strength; Rages
32. Tough, Thug, Brawler, Brute, Brave Mexican%20-%20knife.jpg Warrior Excels Physically; Fights Dirty; Goes Berserk; Just Won't Die; Knows the Streets; Likes to Break Things; Looks For Trouble; Needs No Weapon; Never Says Die; Performs Feats of Strength; Throws With Accuracy; Wields Two Weapons At Once
33. Wagon or Train Driver coach%20-%20w%20mounted%20gatling.jpg Explorer (Skills & Knowledge) Operates Vehicles
34. Weird Scientist, Mad Scientist, 'New' Scientist, Steampunk Engineer Mad%20Scientist%20-%20infernal%20robot.jpg Weird Scientist Assists a Mad Genius; Builds Robots (Automatons); Calculates The Incalculable; Crafts Unique Objects; Employs Fantastic Gadgets; Moves Like a Cat; Moves Like the Wind; Operates Vehicles; Performs Feats of Strength; Projects Energy; Rides The Lightning; Travels Through Time