Seattle to Search for Bigfoot

An so begins the summary of our Great Northwest Campaign. The campaign begins in the Autumn of 1880, with most PCs meeting for the first time in Seattle. (Please look at the PC Page for a detailed look at our protagonists).

October 2nd

  • After a long trip that started in Kansas, Hank and Doc Sabbatical arrive in Seattle aboard an Iron Dragon train, in pursuit of the outlaw Sam Bennett and his cronies.
  • During the trip, they made friends with 'Charlie', an employee of the train company. Charlie's was given permission to accompany Hank and Doc overland with the mission of exploring a suitable pass through the cascades for the railway.
  • On their way to Snowden's Salloon the trio come across a well-dressed young man and an older grifter being accosted by a rough 'press gang' in an alley behind the salloon. Hank leaped to the defense of the old man when he was hit and Doc fired his pistol into the air, which attracted more onlookers, including members of the local Chinese tong.
  • The press gang high-tailed it out of there and the five new members quickly entered Snowden's by a back door and shared a drink. The young man was 'Lucky' Bart Kensington and the elder man Luther Brimley.
  • In Snowden's Hank sought info regarding Sam Bennett and found out that Sam had been here and went seeking the legendary Bigfoot. They also found out that 2 ranchers had recently gone missing from the Double-S Ranch on Lake Washington's shore and that if they were seeking Bigfoot, 'Moonshine Gus' (a loner that lives on the slopes of Mount Si) was their man.
  • After a very brief visit to Hessla's Hotel and a feed at Maria's Steakhouse the party settled back at Snowden's. The bar was practically cleared when a flock of squawking chickens crowded the streets. Ravenous patrons quickly fled in pursuit of a free meal.
  • Given Bart and Luther were in the north to find Bigfoot too, the five decided to work together in pursuit of Sam Bennett and Bigfoot.

October 3rd

  • The newly-formed posse made their way along Skid Row the cold, misty rain, to the Fur-Trading sheds seeking a guide.
  • They were directed to 'The Mountain Man', Francis Scott. He rounded out the party. (All future references refer to what this posse of 6 got up to).
  • Checked out Double-S Ranch. Owner Estaban Santo Sanchez did not seem to fazed by the disappearance of his workers, Junebug McPhee and Bill Parker, but the posse checked out the rancher's last whereabouts, a small camp by the shoreline. Other than a rather large footprint, nothing out of the ordinary was discovered.
  • Rounded the south arm of Lake Washington, passing the Renton ranch and general store. Francis left the trail late in the day to follow the Green River to one of his camping spots.
  • Upon reaching the fir tree that marked Francis' camp they discovered it had already been taken. A rough looking bunch were passing a round a human arm recently cooked on the fire. A gun fight ensued and all five cannibalistic outlaws were killed. Their 'meat store' was later discovered tied to a rope in the river. The store and all outlaws were buried in shallow graves, before the posse attempted to rest through the cold night.

October 4th

  • Returned to the trail that led to North Bend. Here they met several members of the Borst family that ran a small general store with an attached grog shop and nearby dormitory, not to mention the massive ranch. Several reporters had gathered here too, all seeking news on Bigfoot.
  • Whilst enjoying a drink and stew brought up on a wagon under guard from the ranch, Hank learned that Sam Bennett had been at North Bend with around half-a-dozen cronies, also seeking Moonshine Gus. Fortunately, the young Borst daughter, Matilda, had misled the Bennett Gang telling them Gus Mueller lived three ranches downstream.

October 5th

  • Though Hank wanted to go straight after Sam Bennett, the group settled on seeking out Gus first, figuring that sooner or later Bennett would discover the truth of Mueller's whereabouts.
  • They crossed the Snoqualmie River and climbed up the wooded slopes of Mount Si.
  • Along the way they were snapped in a photograph by a young orphaned reported, Merriweather Anderson Jr. After being thrown from her horse, Charlie marched forward and was about to smash the kid's camera but then she noticed it as an 'Epitaph'. She still took it apart, but with a fascinated Merriweather looking on as Charlie disassembled it, explaining the purpose of every piece, before putting it back together and handing it back to the boy.
  • Despite Merriweather's pleas to join the posse to capture a shot of the Bigfoot, Hank ordered him to return to North Bend.
  • Continued their climb until coming to a hut in a levelled clearing. A very drunk Gus Meuller fired two shots from his shotgun over their heads that were accompanied by many verbal threats to, "Git offa his land". But Hank boldyly strode up with gun pointed and began negotiations. Gus soon warmed to the posse after he realised they weren't damned reporters, but were here to actually protect him from song gang coming his way.
  • Whilst sitting around the table Gus decided to tell the group about his encounter with Bigfoot. he then took them further along the trail to his still, where he had 'seen the big hairy man of the woods'.