Hellstomme Express

Here I will post details of the train and NPCs aboard.

Up to you guys to add extra details/what you have learnt about the various NPCs if you wish.

The Hellstromme Express

The joint-sponsored train on its way to this year's Kansas Scientific Symposium consists of a Wasatch locomotive (and tender) streamlined in brass and steel and equipped with a ghost rock boiler. Behind are a bunch of Union Blue cars: 2 passenger, 1 dining, 1 lounge, 2 sleeper, 2 freight, 1 caboose.


Weird Scientists

(Pictures of each are attached in a word doc below).

Dr Elijah Bailey

- Well dressed, spectacled Negro.
- Creator of tonics and linaments.
- The scientist the PCs are paid to protect.
- Created a medicine called Ice. A vial of Ice healed a hefty wound on Brant's neck.
- Has a well dressed and well spoken associate/servant called Mr Smith. Mr Smith did not join us on the Hellstromme Express to Kansas.

Sir Clyde Reed Cannon

- English scientist and gentlemen with a waistcoat and rapier…oh, and two apparently unarmed associates ( big chinese men ).
- Has a fear of insects.
- Scared of Prof. H.K. Dial's clockwork critters.

Private Judson Conrad

- Short, fat and balding…but still might proud.
- Southern soldier that was captured and tinkered as a P.O.W. Created his "Meatgrinder".
- Does not like Beaureguard, thinks Bea is a traitor working for a Negro (Dr Elijah Bailey), while also working for Private Conrad, gave Bea the sack when he found out. And Judson also lost a fair amount of cash to Bea in poker.
- Seems to get mad and go red in the face.

Sylvestor Lincoln Tate

- Pug-nosed, avid Abolitionist and Union man who constantly chats about the weather.

Prof. H.K. Dial

- Arrogant, smirking, but mild-faced man accompanied by a walking, steaming automaton called 'Max'. Also has a box of insect-like clockwork critters that 'fixed' the train.
- Curtis Willow's Law firm defended Prof Dial for miss-use of his old automaton's, after he lost at last years convention. Will worked on the case and helped get Dial off.
- Dial does not like Patton Riddle.
- Avoided the press at the Union Blue train station.
- Max was destroyed - falling off the roof of the dining car in a gun duel with Beaureguard.

Lottie Galloway

- A good at heart, but quite mad Irish woman that believes practically everything is out to get her…and you.
- Had a big fight with

Patton Riddle - 'The Great White Hunter'

- A charming (if somewhat overbearing) man that has already 'done everything' and creates 'rocket-propelled munitions' in his spare time. Boasted about killing walking dead and how blowing them to pieces or a head shot wiil stop them.

The Hellstromme Representative

- A mysterious man in a top hat and smoked-glass spectacles with a waxed moustache. Constantly writes notes, but says little and interferes less.

Other Passangers

The Hoby family

- Large family sleeping in one booth and skimping on spending.
- Rumored to really be rich.

Mr Bogan

- Has very pale eyes
- Stares a lot.
- Friends with Beaureguard's father. Calls Beaureguard, William Merryman and talks of him being in the Texas army.

Train Operators

Conductor - Aristotle Lewis

- Canny old grump and apparently a retired Union Army Sergeant.

Engineer - Preston Mack

- Well-dressed man for a train driver. Limps.

Boilerman - Chet Farris

- Pointed nose man who keeps the boiler firing.

Brakeman - Tung-Li

Short Chinese man whose job it is to run along the top of the carriages to turn the brake wheels.

Union Blue Repairmen

- Haven't really met these guys, but have seen them about in the workers caps and overalls. Each carries a large tool kit, seemingly everywhere.

Other Train Staff

Bar Tender - Fergal Macalister

- Young man with foul breath.

Waiter - Duncan

- Old man with dark rings under his eyes. Seems to be constantly reading when not holding a tray.

Waitress - Cynthia

- Indeterminable age (anywhere from 25-40) and missing her right ear. Wears a red feather in her hair.

Chef - Mr Winston

- Haven't seen him yet, but his food is acceptable.

Steel Dealer - Shufflin' Sam

- A vaguely man-shaped automaton perched at the poker table that shuffles and deals cards like a pro. How this machine is able to apparently 'think', 'hear' and respond to the players' demands is beyond your reasoning. There is clearly more than a series of studded cylinders rolling around in there.