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  1. CSRB = Cypher System Rulebook, Monte Cook.


Hucksters are those that have mastered magic and picture it as a type of game, usually poker. Hexslingers are hucksters that combine their magical abilities with gunfighting techniques.

If you are going to play a huckster, you should read pages 80-84 of the Deadlands Player's Guide. Your powers are magical and work as described in that book.


Stat Pool Starting Value
Might 8
Speed 9
Intellect 11

You get 6 additional points to divide among your stat Pools however you wish.


Hucksters begin with the starting abilities of Speakers, but the abilities below are drawn from several types. In essence they are a combination of Speaker, Adept and Explorer.

Just like other types, a huckster at second and higher tiers, can always choose an ability from a lower tier. They can also replace one lower-tier ability with a different one from a lower tier.

See the relevant type for ability descriptions. At each tier, a chart is provided below that outlines what abilities are available, the type and source where you will find their description. For flavour purposes only, there are some alternate names for some of the abilities and suggested 'trappings'. (Trappings are how the spell is visualised in the world and is a term used in the Savage Worlds RPG by Shane Lacy Hensley, Pinnacle Entertainment Group. These are only listed when different to the normal ability.)



You gain the abilities noted for a first-tier speaker, except as follows:
Choose 3 abilities + Deal with the Devil
Ability Type & (Source) Alternate Name Trappings
Block Explorer (CSRB) Missed Me -
Closed Mind Magic flavor (CSRB) Hard to Read -
Deal with the Devil - Preselected See below - -
Danger Sense Explorer (CSRB) - -
Decipher Explorer (CSRB) - Read a hand of cards
Encouragement Speaker (CSRB) Lucky Card -
Enthrall Speaker (CSRB) Card/Gun Trick Keep attention with card or gun tricks
Erase Memories Speaker (CSRB) Manitou Mind Wipe -
Fast Talk Speaker (CSRB) - -
Hedge Magic Adept (CSRB) - Card tricks usually form the basis for this ability
Interaction Skills Speaker (CSRB) - -
Magic Training Adept (CSRB) - -
Mental Link Magic flavor (CSRB) Spirit Bond -
Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons Speaker (CSRB) - (Especially for hexslingers)
Premonition Magic flavor (CSRB) - -
Spin Identity Speaker (CSRB) - -
Ward Adept (CSRB) - -

Deal with the Devil
This ability works exactly as described in Deadlands Player's Guide page 83. Simply substitute the following terms: Intellect Pool point for Power Points; Intellect Edge for Grit; free level of Effort for every raise; XP point for Fate Chip; ability for any reference to spell or hex. If you use a Joker or fail to generate the required Intellect points the GM gets a free GM Intrusion. There is a Backfire Table in the Deadlands Marshal's Handbook for ideas for this intrusion. (Enabler - though part of another action).


Choose 2 abilities
Ability Type & (Source) Alternate Name Trappings
Cutting Light Adept (CSRB) Cutting Cards or 54 Pick-Up Fling card or cards. Instead of one card, the huckster can fling 2 or 3 that deal 2 points of damage to different targets near each other (no allies in between)
Escape Explorer (CSRB) - -
Find an Opening Stealth flavor (CSRB) Know Tells -
Hand to Eye Explorer (CSRB) - -
High Roller See below - -
Mind Reading Adept (CSRB) - -
Skills Speaker (CSRB) - -
Understanding Skills and Knowledge flavor (CSRB) Hunch Interpret a hand of cards
Unexpected Betrayal Speaker (CSRB) - -

High Roller
This ability works exactly as described in Deadlands Player's Guide page 84. (Enabler).



Choose 2 abilities + Gambler
Ability Type & (Source) Alternate Name Trappings
Blend In Speaker (CSRB) One in the Pack -
Countermeasures Adept (CSRB) - -
Discerning Mind Speaker (CSRB) - -
Expert Cypher Use Speaker (CSRB) - -
Gambler - Preselected Stealth flavor (CSRB) - (Also choose 2 cards)
Grand Deception Speaker (CSRB) Grand Bluff -
Inner Defense Stealth flavor (CSRB) No Tells -
Run and Fight Explorer (CSRB) - -
Seize Opportunity Explorer (CSRB) - -
Targeting Eye Adept (CSRB) Dead-Eye -
Telling Speaker (CSRB) - -
Wrest from Chance Explorer (CSRB) Deny the Devil -


Choose 2 abilities
Ability Type & (Source) Alternate Name Trappings
Anticipate Attack Speaker (CSRB) - -
Feint Speaker (CSRB) - -
Heightened Skills Speaker (CSRB) - -
Improved High Roller See below - -
Invisibility Adept (CSRB) - -
Preternatural Senses Stealth flavor (CSRB) Spirit Senses -
Psychosis Speaker (CSRB) Manitou Mind Attack -
Quick Wits Speaker (CSRB) - -
Rapid Processing Adept (CSRB) - -
Suggestion Speaker (CSRB) - -

Improved High Roller
This ability works exactly as described in Deadlands Player's Guide page 84. (Enabler).



Choose 2 abilities + Uncanny Luck
Ability Type & (Source) Alternate Name Trappings
Adroit Cypher Use Speaker (CSRB) - -
Concussion Adept (CSRB) All-In Hurl a card (or shoot at) the point of explosion
Create Adept (CSRB) Blind Draw -
Font of Inspiration Speaker (CSRB) Com-padre -
Knowing the Unknown Adept (CSRB) Spirit Gambit -
Old Hand See below - -
Skill with Attacks Speaker (CSRB) - -
Uncanny Luck - Preselected Stealth flavor (CSRB) - -
Vigilant Explorer (CSRB) - -

Old Hand
This ability works exactly as described in Deadlands Player's Guide page 84. (Enabler).


Choose 2 abilities, 1 of which must be Thief's Luck OR Twist of Luck
Ability Type & (Source) Alternate Name Trappings
Again and Again Explorer (CSRB) - -
Shatter Mind Speaker (CSRB) - -
Skill with Defense Skills and Knowledge flavor (CSRB) - -
Thief's Luck - Possible preselection Stealth flavor (CSRB) Huckster's Luck -
Traverse the Worlds Adept (CSRB) Enter the Happy Hunting Grounds -
Twist of Luck - Possible preselection Stealth flavor (CSRB) Ride the River -