Part 1


Fri 17th of September-Fall
Brant Davis his mate Tom Harrington and Brant's defence lawer Curtis "Will" Willow, headed out for a drink to celebrate Will having gotton Brant free from his manslaghter charges.
As they walked toward Greely's Pub they spotted an indian standing over a body in a side street. Thinking the indian was up to mischief, the three checked it out threaten to call the Marshall and try to find out what is going on. It turned out the indian was Guwapi the bodyguard of the dead guy (a scientist, Mr Coleman). The thugs that killed the scentist returned and tried eliminate all witness. 2 ran off and the other 2 were soon subdued (Brant suffered a nasty throat wound). A nearby resident joined in with a couple of warning shots from a little Derringer pistol. Another of the thugs returned being dragged by Texan Beaureguard St-Clair. Dicovered thugs worked for some fellow called Payne.

The Witness
After the battle the group noticed a well dressed man watching from the corner. Mr Smith he addressed himself, he worked for another scientist Elijah Bailey. Mr Bailey was looking for guards for his trip to Dodge City, and the substance Mr Smith provided fixed Brants neck wound. The group met Mr Bailey at the Union Blue railway station, after a few drinks at Greelys Pub.

The Job
Beaureguard, Brant, Guwapi, Tom and Will were offered to escort Elijah Bailey and his goods, to Dodge city for the Annual Scientific Symposium to be paid the sum of fifty dollars a day and free tickets on the Hellstrom Express. As part of the work the group had to secretly apply some sort of grease to the axel and wheel pistons of the train, and ensure Elijah's glass goods were loaded correctly.
Will distracted the Union Blue workers while Brant slipped under the train and applied the hand numbing grease. Tom ordered the goods to be loaded and made sure they were very careful not to break any of Elijah's potions.
Will ended the night back at Greelys Pub winning a good $150+ playing cards.

Sat 18th of September
The newly hired body guards met back at the station and boarded the Hellstrom Express. They met several scientists and train staff.
As tradition dictates the scientists all sneakly made modifications to the train. Unfortunatly the combined "improvements" made the train run too well, and soon even the scientists were getting worried at the pace the train was traveling at. Dispite Brant helping the little chinese brakeman on the top of the train and Beaureguard removing a modification from the boiler (with his pistol), the train was still moving at a dangerous speed. Prof H.K. Dial came to the rescue with his mechanical ants. The ants that were tipped out of their box by Prof Dial's mecanical servant, swarmed the train cimbing out windows, moving through toward the Wasatch locomotive equipped with a ghost rock boiler, some even drilled holes in the floor and left the carrage that way !
The train soon slowed to a fast, but controlable speed.

More money
Will being concerned at the danger he and his companions were putting up with (brant still had a numb right hand) got an extra days pay from Elijah for each bodyguard.
The rest of the night was spent drinking talking and gambling, Beaureguard doing quite well with the last.

Sat 19th of September
The morning started with a good breakfast, Guwapi eating his near the door to the freight car. After a brief run in with Private Judson Conrad, Guwapi was saved from conflict by Brant talking about his last bounty. Killing Benson Taylor. Private Conrad intimadated left them to guarding the door. A Brief shooting comp involving the shooter to stand on the roof of the train and shoot a thrown can, got a few entrants but no winner.
The majoity of the passangers were gathered in the dinning car talking and playing poker (Guwapi winning a good stash). Mr Bogan appeared to be a friend of Beaureguard's father. Called Bo by another name "William Berryman" he served with Bo's father in the Texan army.

The Duel
Tom who had been guarding the freight car door burst in with a couple of Dial's clockwork ants attacking his guns. As one pistol fell to bits Guwapi smashed an ant into the same. The other fell prey to Beaureguard, who led a march straght to Prof H.K. Dial's room and demanded answers. The resulting arguement led to Bo and Dial's mecanical servant Max, having a pistol duel on the roof of the train. Bo used a six shooter that Mr Bogan said he could have. The train was unsteady and after exchanging a few shots, Max slipped and fell off the train as it was crossing a large bridge. Two worker's - Tony and Cameron allowed the group to check Dr Elijah's goods. They seemed untouched.

Selena Kansas
The group got a message from a repair girl called Cortney Mordow that she needed to speak with them in the dinning car. Guwapi was left to guard the freight car, while the rest went to hear what Cortney had to say. Turned out that she worked for "The Agency" and carried a real badge and all. Cortney didn't want the group to stand in her way in matters to do with Dr Elijah Bailey.
Meanwhile Guwapi observed to more workers Break into the freight car and start smashing Dr Bailey's goods.