Just putting up a page for our starting location for the Great Northwest Campaign. (It is also so I can collate my findings in one place).


Mural map of 1891. This one looks awesome, but being the town is a little more advanced than our campaign of 1880.

This mural map of 1879 is more like how it would look at the time of our campaign. When it fully loads you can zoom in and read street names etc.

Locations & NPCs

Fur Market

This is a large, open wooden building at the eastern (inland) end of Yesler's Way. Pens surround the under cover, central trading area. Trappers, mountain men and hunters frequently visit to trade their wares here. Some

Hessla's Hotel

The docks/mill end of Yesler Way/Skid Row, across from Snowy's. It is a fairly cheap and run-down place with a lot of chicken coups out the back. Has rooms to rent and serves meals; eggs dominate the menu.
Hessla: Owner and sometimes only worker. Short, stained clothing with stringy, shoulder-length blonde-grey hair.

Maria's Steakhouse

Nextdoor to Snowy's on Yesler Way. Meals served on boiling cast iron skillets on a tray of wood.

Snowy's Saloon

A three story saloon down by the waterfront, run by Snowden. Does not have a stable.
Old Snowy: Owner with bushy white beard and receding, crazy white hair.
Lativa & Jossie: Two of the workers here.

  • After their long train ride, Hank and Doc were led here by 'Charlie' whom they met on the journey. The three of them stepped in to help two gamblers being accosted in the back alley by a press gang. This is how Luther and Bart joined the group.
  • This is where conversation turned to finding Sam Bennett and gang - who had presumably taken off for the reward in finding a Bigfoot.

Yesler's Way (Skid Row)

This is the wide, muddy street that separates the two grid networks the town is set up on. Logs are frequently dragged down here to Yesler's large ghost rock mill at the docks. The street is notorious for its vice: gambling, drinking, fighting and more often spill out of the many establishments into the street.