Welcome to the Weird West

Welcome to the home for our Weird West adventures. For these campaigns we use the Deadlands setting (for Savage Worlds, by Pinnacle Entertainment). These are no ordinary Wild West adventures - there is always a bit of the weird, from walking dead, priests channeling divine power and mad scientists working with ghost rock to empower all sorts of gizmos, contraptions and automatons.

Things went wrong some time during the Civil War and from that time on, the history of Deadlands differs to our own world history. Consider it an alternate universe if you will. For further information on the setting I suggest you check out the Deadlands Reloaded Player's Guide and other products here at the Pinnacle store.

The picture of the street scene from Calibre Magazine below illustrates perfectly the types you might encounter in this setting, including the Native American shooting the rifle, to the Chinese Martial Arts expert, to the gunslingers with a little Weird Science/Steam Punk/Magic going on.

What's New?

May 25th, 2022 - Added page tags in the top navigation bar and a burb below for our new Deadlands - South-O-the-Border campaign. This game will be using the Bashed & Borrowed system I have been working on for years. This is basically the 2nd edition of that game.



South-O-The-Border Campaign

A group I will also be running at school, consisting of staff and students. Characters start in the famous Arizona town of Tombstone and are sent south into Mexico. This game will be used as a playtest of my latest Bashed & Borrowed system. (Basically version 2).

Colorado Campaign

This campaign is one I am running with school kids at recess and lunch time. It will be using the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games. Our fantasy game came to an end, so after a survey, a Weird West game proved to be the most popular place to go next. It will start in the small town of Denton (of which one of the PCs is the mayor) in the hills of Colorado. At least we finished this mini-campaign. By finished I mean the PCs were all ripped to shreds in the mines near Finger Rock by black, sleek 'cave critters'. Lots of fun ;)

The Great North-West Campaign

This was played by a group in Wyche using our Bashed & Borrowed System based heavily on Savage Worlds (but also incorporating elements of several other games). It was a yeti hunting mission. A lot of time was spent in Seattle (and I spent a lot of time researching it too ;)), but just as the group got out into the wilderness, the players stopped showing up. The campaign just ended :(

Chicago Campaign

This campaign took place in Wyche using the Savage Worlds ruleset too. It was initially called the Colorado Campaign, but given we the group never even got to Colorado (and I started another in that state) I changed the name. The PCs were chasing a band of outlaws to Colorado and decided to board the Hellstromme Express :D. After a lot of effort putting the NPCs together for this trip, well we never got there. :( I believe we had one or two sessions meeting the people on the train, and again, just as things were about to heat up… the players stopped showing up :(